Manage communication in your network

With ease and facilitate local operations
to boost activity in your affiliate stores.

Marketing solution

A franchise, associated company, or independent…
Increase your stores’ autonomy with distributed marketing :



Encourage communication and local reactivity by giving autonomy to your stores.



Our Customer Success teams support and train each of your stores/affiliate stores in good relationship marketing practice.



Create and share new commercial operations with your network and monitor the performance of each store.

Manage communication in your network with ease and facilitate local operations to boost activity in your affiliate stores.


Control your image

1. Create or import your models of communication on our platform : email, SMS, landing page or print.

2. Then share your ready-to-use campaign models with your network, for localised customisation.

3. Approve the proofs from your network before sending to customers.

With Digitaleo’s Brand Access, you have the option to lock certain areas of your templates before sharing them with your network.

marketing pressure

Manage the pressure of your national and local communication

Monitor the distribution of your communications by channel and with your weekly, monthly and annual communication plan.


Monitor activity on your network

  • Analyse the results of campaigns: deliverability, open rate, click-through rate…
  • Monitor the performance of your network using these classifications :
    • - by campaign: in terms of open rate, click-through rate…
    • - by affiliate: in terms of their use of the tool, campaign performances…
  • Gain inspiration from the individual locations to be generalised at a national level.

Our advanced features

Send national campaigns from headquarters

Use the databases from your stores/affiliated stores for communications at a national level.

Automatic customisation of store content

Addresses, Google Maps, timetables, can be completed automatically with the templates for each store.

Marque grise


Facilitate adoption by your affiliates by distributing a tool that reflects your brand image.

Discover our customer loyalty solution.

Create and manage an innovative programme based on
Transactional, Relational and Social loyalty.

Discover the solution

Since its launch our distributed marketing solution for network managers has simplified the day-to-day lives of over 4000 clients :


“The resources offered allow us to reach our target in a reactive way. Digitaleo is constantly anticipating what’s next, researching new formats, new messages and new techniques for contacting our customers, all of which is very valuable.[...]


We are delighted with the ease of use of the Digitaleo software, the image library and the standard models provided, which allow us to save time in creating our own templates.” [...]