Increased brand awareness

You increase the number of publications and get more engagement on your pages

Controlled brand image

Keep control over the comments posted on your network's publications

Centralised monitoring

Analyse the performance of all your pages using a single tool

Develop the visibility
of your branches on social networks

You can help your points of sale to communicate regularly on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn by publishing for them or sharing ready-to-use posts that they can personalise and programme in just a few clicks.

operation social media

3 management modes


You send marketing campaign on behalf of your affiliates.

on registration

You prepare a communication kit and your affiliates sign up to take part.


You prepare a communication kit that can be accessed and customised at any time by your affiliates.

Save time with cross-posting

Publish the same post (photo, video) on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin at the same time! You no longer need to adapt the format of your visual, as this is done automatically by Digitaleo.

This feature is particularly useful for general posts such as the launch of a new collection or a sales event.

moderation social media

Encourage interaction with your communities

Get all the comments and reviews posted on the various local pages in a single inbox.

You’ll finally have an overview, and you can easily hide abusive comments and reply to them!

Pilot uses and performance

Track the performance of your social network campaigns at national, regional or local level:

→ Track usage: number of templates used, ratings given by affiliates, etc.

Performance tracking: number of views, clicks, comments, shares, details of reactions to posts, etc.

statistics social media

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Increased number of posts*


Increased number of interactions*


Increased number of impressions*

*Average data reported by our customers

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  • Inventory of the current situation and page structure

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  • Training for head office and local teams
  • Help with linking pages locally


  • Customised marketing resources
  • Reporting
  • Satisfaction audit...

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