The meeting of 2 historic players

“The merger was obvious, both because of the complementary of the teams’ expertise and because of the commercial and technical synergies that could be achieved. Kamp’n is Digitaleo’s twin, but in the complementary segment of Social and Google Ads.”

Jocelyn, CEO of Digitaleo

“Like Digitaleo, we believe in the power of local marketing and seek to simplify local communications for retailers. Another thing we have in common is our love of Golden Retrievers, because in Marseille we also have our dog officer Nes 🐶”

Charles Martin-Laval, CEO of Kamp’n

Digitaleo, it's :  
  • 19 years' experience in local marketing
  • 76 employees in Rennes and Paris
  • Digital Responsibility certification
Kamp'n, it's :  
  • 10 years' experience in Social and Google Ads
  • 25 employees in Marseille and Paris
  • Meta Business Partner and Google et Waze Partner certifications 

A shared ambition

One single platform to manage
all of your local marketing 😎

Google, Waze, Apple plans...

Google and Facebook.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Meta Partner, Google Business Partner and Waze Partner

SMS, Email, landing page
and voice message.

Flyer, flag, textile, banner...

Photography, video, audio...

A strategic union and a human adventure!

One single platform

A single password to access the 6 main drive-to-store modules.

A common goal

Democratising local marketing, making a commitment to help customers grow and grow thanks to them.

A unique cocktail

Chouchen meets Pastis*, galette/saucisse meets bouillabaisse.

Local expertise

Everything is in-house, from the platform to support, including HR, finance, marketing and sales. The teams work at our headquarters in Rennes, Marseille and Paris, or from home.

The perfect support

As well as a platform, we are experts in customer acquisition and retention. We also offer services through our in-house Marketing Agency.

A unique experience

A simple tool to ensure regular use.
A platform designed to promote local marketing that reflects your brand.
A dashboard to monitor your performance at local, regional and national level.

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.