Controlled brand image

Share branded communication kits

Save time

A single platform to send text messages, emails and voicemail messages

Ease of use

No need for technical skills thanks to our drag-and-drop editor

Design and sharemarketing campaigns

Create multi-channel campaign templates (text message, email, landing page, voicemail)
with local customisation elements and share them with your entire network in just a few clicks.

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Customisation direct marketing

Customise every communication

✌️ Personalising marketing campaigns boosts ROI by a factor of 5 to 8 (source: Mc Kinsey).

We offer 2 types of personnalisation:

  • To the customer: linked to the information in your database
  • To the point of sale: logo, postal adress, phone number…

3 management modes


You prepare and programme a campaign using local databases.

Operationon registration✍️

You prepare and programme a communication kit and your affiliates sign up to take part.


You prepare a communication kit that can be accessed and customised at any time by your affiliates.

Collaborate in complete harmonywith your local teams

Zone locking

to control your brand image

Shared communication plan

to keep up with marketing pressure

Model evaluation

by your affiliates to adapt your templates

Contact rental

to help them prospect

Example Direct Marketing

Automate marketing actions

Set up and automate the sending of campaigns to save time: birthdays, registrations, new purchases, etc.

It’s a great way of building customer loyalty by making sure you don’t forget any key dates!

Control usage and performance

Track your results at national, regional or local level:

→ Number of communication kits used, ratings given by affiliates, etc.
→ Rates of deliverability, opening, clicks, incoming calls using our call-tracking function

Direct Marketing Statistics

What are you waiting for?

It's working for our customers!


Of text messages sent*


Of emails sent*


Of voicemails sent*

*Average annual sendings, calculated on the basis of our entire customer base

Our teams are there for you

Anais and Blandine of Customer Success Service
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  • Managing contact database interconnection projects
  • Support for local communication strategy

Roll out

  • Support in making head office kits available to local teams
  • Training for the manager and local teams


  • Personalised marketing resources
  • Alerting and support to reactivate dormant users
  • Reporting

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