A platform to help your resellerscommunicate more efficiently

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Build loyalty amongyour distributors????

Give them access to a tool that combines all the functions needed for efficient local communication: diversity of channels, digital asset management, contact rental…

Develop your share of voice????

Offer your resellers a tool that simplifies their marketing initiatives while enabling them to generate sales. In return, they’ll communicate about your brand!


You can easily identify your ambassadors at local level and help your resellers who find it difficult to communicate. What better way to boost your sales?

Offer your resellers a platformtailored to their business objectives

Brand awareness | Acquisition | Loyalty

Social media management

Social Media Management

You prepare ready-to-use posts, your resellers publish them in 2 clicks and develop the engagement of their local communities!

Local ads

Local Ads

You can offer your resellers pre-configured Facebook and Google ads with their details, to be activated in their catchment area.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Your resellers use the power of multi-channel marketing to build loyalty by passing on your promotions or new products.

Digital asset management

Digital Asset Management

A library that centralises the charted documents you want to share with your resellers.

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Optimise the implementation andfollow-up marketing actions

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