Centralised management

All your brand ressources are hosted in the same place

Simplified sharing

Broadcast your ressources to your entire network in just a few clicks

Brand image

It's easy for members of your network to find the latest up-to-date content

Manage all your ressources in a single place

Your stores no longer have to waste time asking you where to look for items,
they're accessible in dedicated folders and by a simple keyword search.

✨ 50GB of storage available: image, video, audio, ZIP document, QR code, barcode, etc.

Dam main

Share your ressources easily with your network

We have developed a range of features to make your life easier and enable you to:

- Share your ressources with all or part of your network
- Send notifications to keep your members informed

💡 We create specific "as" views so you can see the tree structure available to members of your network

Share digital asset management
Take control of your image

Control your brandimage

You can define rights of use according to:

- the communication media that can be used
- the authorised period of use
- the user profile

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