About us


Our ambition


To become the leading French Cloud Marketing publisher, a generator of income in real time and accelerator of customer relations. Our strength is always to remain centred on client needs and to accelerate product innovation.

Making multi-channel marketing accessible to all types of company.

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Our business


Make a cloud marketing platform available to companies and sales outlets, enabling them to manage their digital marketing procedures in real time via text message, mobile websites/QR Codes, email, voice messages, social networks and touch screen tablets.

The simple, accessible and efficient Digitaleo platform incorporates advanced functions, based on the use of customer digital data.




Since 2004 Jocelyn Denis, the founder of Digitaleo, has put money on the expansion of mobile and the cloud.

Today our teams continue to put innovation and agility at the centre of their business because we are convinced of the relevance of targeted relationship marketing campaigns sent at the right time on the right channel.

Our customers


Whatever the business sector* and company size, Digitaleo is intended for companies wishing to set up digital campaigns which can be programmed and measured in real time.

Digitaleo makes it a point of honour to maximise identical customer proximity with an independent entity and a multi-sales outlet brand. They benefit from our "network access" which enables them to manage their global communications with an overall view, whilst decentralising personalisation and the sending of campaigns at local level.



Values underpin success


The company culture, shared by all and unique by design, is based on 5 basic values which are applied every day.

Team spirit: Every member of staff brings his personality and expertise to make the Digitaleo project a success.

Simplicity: A smooth hierarchy, simple exchanges, direct communication and a desire to get down to basics.

Creativity: Brainstorming, working groups, contests.... so many different contexts for expressing creativity.

Client oriented: At the heart of our strategy client requirements direct our product development.

Responsiveness: Whether the demands are external or internal responsiveness is our daily mantra.

 Our Values


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