One API for each channel



Text Message channel

Text Message API


The long waiting line of customers at 6pm to retrieve their car is over! So is the loss of productivity by calling customers individually.

With Digitaleo's Text Message API, developers can incorporate text messaging features into their applications. The API enables you to send text messages as part of your direct marketing campaigns, or to improve your customer relations. You can also send text messages abroad. With the Text Message API, you can check the status of your messages to see whether they have been delivered.

The API is available in the following formats: SOAP, HTTP/HTTPS, WSDL, SMTP and FTP.


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Email channel



The Digitaleo Email API enables you to schedule your email campaigns, send newsletters and transaction-based emails. The Email API also offers a range of statistics about your customers' behaviour, for example letting you know who opened your message and who clicked on which elements of your email, etc.

The Digitaleo Email API is available in REST format.


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Voice channel



The Digitaleo voice messaging API enables developers to incorporate functions into their projects for sending voice messages to landlines or mobile telephones, both in France and abroad.

This API is available in REST format.



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