Loyalty Solution

Create and manage an innovative loyalty programme !

Improve customer engagement from day one
with an innovative loyalty programme !

Programme Fidélité
Relational loyalty

Relational loyalty

Let your clients intentionally share their personal data and interests. This allows you to personalise their communications and welcome in store.

Transactional loyalty

Transactional loyalty

Reward your customers for their purchases and offer them a range of offers adapted to their preferences. Thereby increasing their satisfaction and your revenue !

Social loyalty

Social loyalty

Your customers are your best ambassadors: encourage them to refer friends, donate to associations and interact on social media in order to increase your visibility !

Covering 3 areas with ease

For your customers

A programme which is available at any time, anywhere via a white-label mobile application.

Possibility to earn points or cash from purchases, referrals, actions on social media etc…

Bespoke games and offers to use points.

Responsive loyalty platform

For your sales people

Offer a personalised welcome in store through our clienteling app.

Create an account and update information for customers directly in store (identity, areas of interest…).

Consult customer activity (past activity, offers available, coupons…).

Customer status

For you

Simple and fast configuration : manage offers in real time and in just a few clicks (advantage offers, range of offers, trigger marketing).

Full reports and statistics.

Secure programme and data.

Increased visibility, increased engagement and therefore increased potential revenue in your stores !

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